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My latest report reveals closely-guarded strategies and tactics to multiply chances of getting in AND qualifying for big, fat juicy scholarships and's yours, free along with two other valuable, surprise freebies!

Why "test drive" our approach to college planning?

We are definitely NOT right for everyone, our approach is blunt, candid and not politically correct. If you're not the easily offended type, you'll appreciate answers to questions like:

  • What it REALLY takes to get into a top college

  • How you can qualify for scholarships and other financial aid even if you think "Why bother - financial aid isn't for families like us"

  • How to choose a list of colleges strategically, instead of the same set of schools your guidance counselor recommended to every other kid

  • This is so confusing and different - things weren't like this when I was applying to school! (Not a "question" per se, but you get the point! :)

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